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​Once you've put in for your Indian VISA application, it is time to start making plans for your trip. The nation is highly diverse and filled with many cultural, religious, and historical sites that you won't want to miss. Factor in the festivals and the amazing food and your trip itinerary will soon fill up. 

The number one tourist destination in the country is the amazing Taj Mahal. Even though the historical site is sure to be packed when you arrive, the majesty and beauty makes it well worth the trip. The building is made with an overwhelming sense of symmetry and the white marble is magnificent. No trip to India is complete until you visit here. 

Outside of Jaipur, there is an elephant sanctuary. The largest mammal on Earth is well treated and visitors get a chance to take a ride on one. Elephants live long lives as beasts of burden. In this sanctuary, they are well taken care of and get a chance to live in a herd, which is their natural way of life. 

Your Indian VISA application will allow you to explore other ways of living. After your arrival in the nation, consider a trip to the 
Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum in Bhopal. You'll learn what the traditional way of tribal and village life was like up until recently. It offers a comprehensive collection that covers the food, religions, and art. In some cases, live programs are presented in the evenings. 

Getting your Indian VISA application is not all that difficult but will depend on your nation of origin. The Visa must be obtained from an Indian post or mission located in your country. Your best bet is to get your application by going to the official website of the Indian government, filling it out, signing it, and sending it in. 

You will need to include a digital photograph of yourself with the application and pay the fee in full. The cost of the application will depend upon how long you are planning on staying and which type of visa you are applying for. Once the application has been sent in, you must have an interview at the Indian mission before the visa can be approved. 

The country is chaotic by modern standards. Expect to find the streets buzzing with activity and be prepared for some amazingly frightful traffic. If you can, hire a driver instead of renting a car while you are in country. Many drivers are available for long term employment and provide excellent service. 

You will never be able to see the country in one visit because it is simply too large, so you should have a plan in place for the locations you most want to visit. Most tourist choose a section of the country and explore it in depth. Concentrate on the south of India or on the north. The cultures in these areas as well as the cuisine are quite dissimilar, so there is always the possibility of taking a second trip in the future. 

If you can, make an effort to go to at least one festival in the Indian nation before you return home. Since the country has many festivals, your chances of enjoying one are quite good. Be prepared to be amazed by the dazzling colors and have your camera at the ready if you choose to attend one. During the festival, relax and enjoy. 

Be aware that there is a great deal of poverty in this sub-continent. Many travelers find themselves overwhelmed by the habit of begging that is widely practiced. Talk to a local guide to find out what the practices are and only do what you feel comfortable with doing. 

If you are a female and looking for a wonderful outfit, consider having a sari made. You won't find them hanging on a rack in a clothing store. Instead, when you go to the shop for your sari, there will be rows upon rows of fabrics. The seamstresses will work with you to help you select the fabric that best suits you, take your measurements, and send your your completed sari in just a few days. 

When you go shopping for some trinkets to take home for your friends, be aware that if you enter and shop and the shop owner puts their wares on display for you that it is bad form to go away without buying. If you like the shop, be prepared to make a purchase. Shop owners only pull their products out for paying customers. However, most have truly wonderful pieces, so you should be able to find something you like. 

Hopefully, your application for your Indian visa will go smoothly and you will get the chance to go on the trip of a lifetime to this amazing nation.